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Presently, some of the school's most pressing concerns are the student's need for a properly equipped Library and Science Laboratory, and in an effort to address these concerns, SOBAUSA has embarked on a fund raising campaign to build a state of the art Library for the students, which we hope will be the first of its kind in Abia state, Nigeria. Our goal is to commence construction of the Library, which will have all the necessary learning tools such as computers, access to the Internet for e-learning and other learning enhancement amenities for students, in 2018.

The budget to build and furnish this Library is estimated at $75,000. SOBAUSA is asking for your financial help to achieve this goal. To make a donation, please go to:

Click on the donate button to help the students at this Christian High school reach their academic potential.
Your donation is tax deductible. Thank you for your donation. For more information, you can contact the Chairman of the Library committee, Dr Charles Okorie via his email address:

You can monitor the progress of the Library once construction commences by visiting the association website at, Please note that within the library, SOBAUSA intends to recognize all donors to the library project by putting up their names or other names they will rather be recognized for the donation. Once again, thanks for your contribution.
Work In Progress

Blessing of the Groundbreaking
If you do not wish to use our gofundme platform to make your donation, you can send a check to SOBA USA:

405 Mckinley Avenue
Bridgeport Connecticut 06604-1625

You may also email Dr. Charles Okorie,
director of Saharco Library Project: