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Sacred Heart College Aba, is a missionary Catholic High School for boys, located in Aba City, Abia State, in Eastern Nigeria. The school was established in 1957, three years before Nigerian independence in 1960, by the then Catholic Bishop of Owerri, the Most Rev. Bishop Joseph B. Whelan, (C.S.Sp), with Rev. Fr. Raymond Kennedy as the school's first principal and the Most Rev. Dr. Gregory Ochiagha, the Bishop Emeritus of Orlu, as the first indigenous Principal.

This school was one of the most admired High Schools in Eastern Nigeria because of its reputation for both scholastic excellence and athletic prowess. However, with the advent of the Nigerian Civil War which began on July 6, 1967 and ended on January 12, 1970, the then Military Government took over Missionary Schools in Eastern Nigeria in 1973, and Sacred Heart College, Aba was one of the high schools taken over by the Military Government. The takeover of Missionary Schools by the Military Government inflicted devastating blows on these schools, which depleted their academic curricular and eroded their morale and moral fabric. However, during the administration of Governor Theodore Orji, the Government of Abia State returned many Missionary Schools to their original owners, thereby returning Sacred Heart College (aka SAHARCO) to the Catholic Diocese of Aba. Since then, concerted efforts have been made by the Catholic Diocese of Aba and some other concerned organizations to return Sacred Heart College to its past glory as a citadel of learning and a cherished institution committed to grooming young boys into respectable and productive members of society. One of such organizations committed to returning Sacred Heart College to its past glory is Saharco Old Boys Association, USA, otherwise known as SOBAUSA.

Some of SOBAUSA's contributions towards Sacred Heart College's rescue mission since its inauguration in 2001 include:
1. Renovation of the School's Assembly Hall/Auditorium
2. Fencing and securing the parameters of the school from trespassers/intruders
3. Financial contributions towards the rebuilding/renovation of some of the dormitories
4. Endowment of scholarship and athletic funds for students by SOBAUSA members.
5. Provided media equipment and Laptops
6. Provided trophy to encourage athletic competition
In fact, following cash donations and other educational resources from SOBAUSA to the school in 2013, the population of the school has grown from 125 to almost 400 in less than 5 years, and this has encouraged SOBAUSA's desire to do more for the school.

In SOBAUSA's rescue mission at Sacred Heart College, both the Catholic Diocese of Aba and the school's current Principal, Rev. Fr. Alfred Ebenso Nwaobasi, have played vital roles by way of monitoring and encouragement, to ensure its success. However, considering the depth of decay the school endured over the past almost forty (40) years under the successive Military Governments, there are still lots of work to be done. While some buildings in the school, along with the students’ hostels, have been renovated, the school is still a long way from being restored to its past glory.
Latest news
The Saharco Old boys association are currently engaged in the construction of a new library in Sacred heart college. Please click on the library project page to get more information.
Dr. Charles Okorie
Library Project Director
This is a drawing of the library that is currently under construction. We are encouraging all our members and friends to help us see this project to completion.
Your financial contribution will help to make this effort a reality. Saharco Old Boys Association is a tax exempt organization with a 501c classsification. Your contribution is completely tax free and deductible with the IRS.

Please contact us for more information if you wish to claim deduction for your contribution.
Rev. Bishop, Joseph B. Whelen
Rev. Father Raymond Kennedy
Most Rev. Dr. Gregory Ochiagha
Various buildings before renovations
New structures, and some renovated buildings
Inside one of the classromms, 2019
Rev. Fr. Alfred Ibenso Nwaobasi (Principal)